About the Recreation Plan

Mason County has begun to develop a new recreation plan to serve as a guideline for improving recreation facilities and to develop new recreational opportunities. The Mason County Recreation Plan involves many interests and stakeholders in the planning process, identifies existing recreational facilities and assets in the County, and seeks to build common ground among stakeholders in order to address the future recreational needs and priorities of the County.

Officials in Mason County will use the recreation plan to guide their work on all future recreation and parks projects. The recreation plan is also a strategic document that articulates specific goals to various agencies and organizations that fund parks and recreation improvement projects. The plan will be developed in accordance to the guidelines for Community Park, Recreation, Open Space, and Greenway Plans published by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Completion of a five-year recreation plan will qualify Mason County to pursue DNR-administered grants


Mason County

Mason County Parks and Recreation Commission: The Mason County Parks and Recreation Commission is a 10-member body established as provided by state law. Members include the chairman of the Road Commission (or one of its members), the Drain Commissioner, Chair of the Planning Commission, a member of the County Board, and six members appointed by the County Board whose terms are for 3 years, staggered so that two members are appointed each year. Generally, at the first meeting of each year, a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, and a Secretary are elected to act for the Mason County Parks and Recreation Commission. Since the formation of the Commission in 1974, the Secretary has acted as supervisor of county parks and is responsible for all phases of operations of the parks and reports to the Commission. The Commission lays out the capital improvement plans for the parks. The Commission holds four meetings a year, and if needed, the Chairperson will call special meetings.

Parks and Recreation in Mason County: Mason County, with a population of over 28,000 covering 1,242-square miles in northwest lower Michigan, stretches across the beautiful shores and dunes of Lake Michigan. Parklands in Mason County include the the Mason County Picnic Area and the Mason County Campground (both under a lease agreement with the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant), the Mason County Fairgrounds, the West Shore Community Ice Arena at West Shore Community College in Victory Township, and county-owned property on the Big Sauble River, off US-31 in Freesoil Township. The City of Ludington is the county seat.


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